The Yarn Cake at the Commonwealth Games!

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So early on Wednesday morning this happened:

Two charming gentlemen from Great Big Events came to film a slightly haphazardly assembled group of Yarn Cakers explaining the rules of Wrestling and Rugby Sevens on camera. They were hoping to get enough usable footage to put together a three minute clip to screen at the SECC and Ibrox for the Commonwealth Games this summer. Given that none of us really know anything about either sport beyond the handy script we were to read off a teleprompter thing (there's an app for that - really!), it'll be interesting to see the finished product. Suffice to say the blooper reel will be a stunner! I do hope they keep in our musings about Fair Isle onesies with optional cabling for improved fit. I think they might be the next big thing in wrestling! ;)

So if you're going to either wrestling or Rugby Sevens at the Commonwealth Games, look out for the rules on the big screen and you might spot some familiar faces!

Many thanks to the ever excellent Pat, KT and Maria for being good sports and letting the lads shove a camera in their faces for several hours. And thanks to Jose and Chris from Great Big Events for bringing hilarious havoc to the shop....shame you couldn't leave the bright lights behind.

Posted on 17 May, 2014