Introducing...Featured Yarns!

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We love interesting yarn here at The Yarn Cake - as do our lovely customers! The only problem is that, due to the physical size of the shop, there is a limit to the amount of stock we can hold. And it's really hard telling wool reps with glorious sample suitcases that we don't have room for their wares.

So! We have come up with a cunning plan to allow us to have a bit more variety in the shop:


We will have a changing roster of special yarns that we think will go down well, from various sources and in different styles. We'll only get each yarn in once, for a limited period, and once it's gone we'll move onto the next thing.

We're starting with some beautifully squishy West Yorkshire Spinners BFL, in two styles: roving and aran in a selection of natural colours.

It's on the shelves now, starting at 7.10....come and get it!

Posted on 01 June, 2015