World Wide Knit in Public Day Competition!

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World Wide Knit In Public Day (well, week) is soon upon us and we're having a wee competition to celebrate!

To enter, just take a photo of yourself knitting, crocheting or spinning in public with something Yarn Cakey in shot (a bag, a flyer, a mug, a t-shirt, etc...we'll also accept Glasgow School of Yarn items) and post it to the WWKIP Day thread on our Ravelry forum.

We are looking for a combination of most original and most public location and will be judging accordingly, so if you get a shot of yourself knitting on top of Mount Everest you'd get points for originality but if you snap a photo in the middle of George Square on a busy lunchtime you'll get points for the public aspect. Of course, if you manage to get a photo of yourself knitting at Machu Pichu, wearing a Glasgow School of Yarn t-shirt surrounded by a herd of llamas, you'll probably be onto a winner! We'll also take the kind of project you're working on into account, so an almost-finished fair isle blanket could trump a sock and a full sized spinning wheel will beat a tiny Turkish spindle.

The competition will run from June 14th to 22nd and judging will be conducted on June 23rd by a highly trained panel of judges (i.e. you friendly local yarn shop staff), so please make sure you submit your entries in plenty of time. You've got a few weeks to plan and plot, so we're expecting a high standard of entries. ;)

First prize is a L25 The Yarn Cake voucher, second prize a TYC goodie bag and third a voucher for Kaffee und Kuchen at TYC. So get knitting....we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Posted on 24 May, 2014